Haven’t we gone through enough?

The thing is you can’t wait for something if you’re in a hurry… if you’re in the middle of an emergency… if you’re doing a rushed project that is due tomorrow. You’re agitated to finish something. Frustrated for not making it on time. Violent, even. Right? That’s because you lack patience. A simple word with a deep meaning.

It doesn’t always mean you need to wait. Well, that’s mostly what you’re going to do, of course. Because patience means you have to know when and how to react to something that makes you uncomfortable. But that’s the purpose. It makes you stronger. Makes you wiser. Keeps you enjoying the feeling of freedom because you don’t have to worry about being provoked.

Being patient lets you have the power over hatred and anger. It keeps you from doing the wrong things you’re planning to do. Holds you from deciding without thinking. Prevents the possibility of you to do something you’re going to regret for the rest of your life.

Try to wait sometimes. It’s worth the try.

9 thoughts on “Patience…

      1. Yes. It is. Only a striking balance to made that patience is not Equal to being lazy or not doing what is essential. Sometimes people give up doing things n think they are being patient ! 😛

        1. You have a point. Some people really do make patience as an excuse for being lazy but it’s not. Laziness is not doing anything. Patience is waiting.

          1. Yes. Patience is doing everything you need to do and waiting for the results. It is like watering a plant for weeks and wait for it to seed out. If you don’t water, there is no point in saying I am being patient 🙂

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