One Out

I have a good number of list stuck in my bucket. This summer, one out.

My summer of 2019 is unexpectedly one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life. Swimming is not my best talent. Actually, I am not a fan of swimming. I have a fear of the ocean and the unknown species under it. Until I learn how to swim.

Tuesday, August 13 when I first experience vertical floating. My bf told me to have a try on his snorkelling fins. It was an afternoon swim in the ocean of Savona, Italy.

At first, I was hesitant to use gear to swim. I didn’t think it was necessary for me to learn how to use them. The fins are 4 sizes larger than my actual feet. Luckily, I wore water shoes and the fins fit perfectly.

My boyfriend instructed me: go to a deeper side where I cannot touch the bottom, move my fins back and forth until I feel the sensation of floating. I did so and it worked. My smile was bigger than the fins.

After a while, I wanted to test if I know how to swim without using help. I did float. Then I tried swimming and then floating and repeat. I got tired after so many tries and I did it on the next days. My swimming experience was improved. The fear I had almost my whole life was gone in an instant. I didn’t hesitate to go and swim above sea creatures anymore.

We ended up buying snorkelling gadgets in Decathlon Moncalieri because I wanted to learn more about the sport. I have a full face snorkel and a pair of my own size fins.

This Monday, I was excited to go to the nearest swimming pool at home and test my swimming skills. Together with my snorkelling gears. It was nice to have fins. I was faster than my usual pace. This Thursday, we will go to Diano Marina, Italy and test more of my skills. I hope I can take more photo next time.

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