Not Good Enough

I used to that think I wasn’t good enough. Half my life I felt inferior. The little girl I once was didn’t have confidence in her own skin, unlike the woman I am now.

Let me tell you a quick overlook of my childhood days in a story I’m about to tell.

Nursery school. I was avoided. No one wanted to be my playmate. I played on my own.

Elementary school. The boys I like didn’t want me back. I felt insecure by other girls. Maybe because of my funny hair. I don’t know.

High school. One guy told me a lie to get closer to my best friend. The other wanted to get back to his ex. My guy best friend told everyone that I was into him, which was not partially true.

College. I was cheated on. Laughed at when someone seems to like me. Forced to submit. I felt sorry for myself. It is not normal for a girl to suffer what she was not ready for.

Abroad. Last option. Invisible. Talked about. Jealous. No name.

Although I wanted to be hidden in everyone’s sight, I didn’t plan to be amazed by the spirit I have in me. I saw it in high school when I was with my friends. But the thing is, I could not believe my eyes. When I was younger, I used to think that I was not a better version of myself. I still have lessons to learn, experiences to live through, and things to be thankful for.

Thanks to everyone around me now, I started to become open for what I want and what I admire.

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