No Price To Be Nice

I was kissed twice on my cheeks.

The story goes like this:

This morning, I woke up early and took the morning bus at 8. It was a good day, to begin with. After lunch, my boyfriend walked me to work and he went to his agendas.

It was a nice day. There were a lot of nice people. Tranquil. My workflow was fluid and I did not have any more problem. My boss left me alone in the bar and I did everything I can to be okay.

One time, an old woman came in and ate bread and drank water. After a while, I asked her if she wants coffee and she answered no. She asked what time we are going to close and I told her 8:30 pm. I thought she will stay there for another hour but she stood up and asked me when will the bus come by. Honestly, I didn’t have time to track the interval of the bus but I know that at that time of the day, it passes by at least 10 to 15 minutes. She then asked if she could give me a “baccio” (italian of kiss) and I told her she can do anything she wants. She kissed me twice in the cheeks and went off to get the bus.

It was nice.

An hour or so after, someone came in the bar and kindly asked for something to eat. I could not ignore that he is hungry and asked for something to eat instead of money to buy something else. Without hesitation, I wanted to help the man and gave him tramezzini (sandwich) and told him I will pay for it later. He told thanks and then took off in the rain.

Karma is real. If you do good to others, something good will happen to you, too. If you do a bad thing, then karma will give you something to learn from.

Being nice doesn’t require a lot of money or effort. Do not hesitate to help others. Some day, others will help you if you need one.

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