Night Stroll

Live. Love. Laugh.

Cold feet and warm cheeks. That’s how I felt when I stepped into the rink. Blades were already crashing the ground. Waves of laughter filled the condense-aired room. Crisp breeze sat on my nose. My heart skipped a bit once I made a slight move.

I love skating. It was one of the few sports I learned to love when I was a kid. But this is not what I want to talk about tonight. The youth ministry of our church organized a get-together this day. We planned a one-trip stroll and it ended up becoming a four-trip night out.

After going to the ice skating area, we ate together at Domino’s Pizza. It was only a few stops from our first destination. The way there was fun. We talked about our experiences for the day. Then the air became warmer and we decided to take a walk to the city centre. It was almost nine in the evening and most of us are still minors so they shouldn’t go home late.

The road was almost clear.

We laughed about anything we could think of. Felt in love with artists from movies, again. Then we looked for an ice cream area to spend more time together. It was already cold outside and it was not convenient to eat cold food. So we detoured for a caffèteria. The clock struck ten and we have covered most of the area but everything was closed. So we decided to go back to Porta Nuova, a busy main station where we can all go home from. Everyone didn’t want to go home just yet so we spent more expenses (a.k.a. caffè) and left on our separate ways.

It was a long night. Actually, it was an enjoyable night because there are people to share it with. My wish this year is to have more experiences together. It’s more fun when you spend the laughter, the smiles and the happiness with everyone you care for. I hope everyone can see the beauty in bringing happiness to others and not just the greed of one’s heart.

Love your neighbours as you love yourself.

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