Next Stop: Vocalist

Ever since I was young, singing was one of my chilling hobbies. I’d sing in the bath, on the couch, while brushing, with guitars, in school, and literally everywhere I was. I learned how to play the guitar because of my excessive singing.

In high school, I was one of the “guitarists” whom everybody wants to sing along to. I’d always brought my guitar with me to school and have jamming sessions with my singer classmates at lunch. In the early 2010s, singing was very popular for students like me.

I always wanted to have a higher voice so that I can catch up on trending new songs. It was a nice experience but one day, I stopped singing. When someone sings a song, I would always chant in an out of tune way. I did that until I forgot how to sing properly.

A song would play on the background and my mouth just mumble gibberish words and tunes. The sound was all over the place. That’s when I realized I was screwed.

Little by little, I managed to correct my voice. The restoring part was a bit harder. I needed to cope up with my mouth muscles and my ears.

*so please don’t do this at home.*

Now that I’m older, I want to become better at singing. Playing the bass guitar helped me a lot to become confident. It was then that I want to sing along with the band. Finally, I have my own microphone.

But that doesn’t stop there. I am not that good of a singer. In fact, I don’t have that much of a control over my voice. If I could find an online trainer for my voice, I would be happier.

My next journey is to become a soloist. A vocalist with a strong voice. When I hear great singers with a strong voice, I become envious. I wish I have my own style and own big voice. Well, I could start by not drinking a cold drink, I think…

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