Natural Hair Journey

I hated my natural curls.

Of course. That’s where all hair journeys started. When I was young, I imagined having long straight shiny hair without frizz.
One factor of this hatred was toxic people who only knew how to mock people with different hair types.

This was my hair when I was a kid.
It was already textured and curly.

When I was already on the right age to destroy my hair, I began treating it badly and went to the salon to permanently straighten my strands.

After a while of letting my hair get chemically damaged, I started using heat. Because hair grows, the treated part stayed flat while the roots grew wild. So I flat ironed it every time without any kind of heat protectant.

It was good at first because it didn’t bother me that much. I had the time and dedication. My whole life changed after straightening my hair for 5 years. It boosted my confidence. I made friends more easily but the process is too long.

Here is my hair for the last 5 years. They were long and straight. It was smooth and silky. But the problem is that the ends didn’t feel healthy.

It doesn’t look damaged in the photos because of the quality but the ends feel crunchy because of the damage caused by regular contact with heat.

For 5 years, I did my daily hair routine but got tired of it:

  1. Washing my hair at night
  2. Blow drying it for about 30 mins
  3. Flat ironing for almost an hour
  4. Waiting for another week to do it all over again

I decided to change my hair routine after High School in Italy. The school ended. I passed my exams. I started to not use heat. July 2018. This month, I started my hair journey.

I finger coiled my hair and left it to dry for 3 hours. When I removed the clips, it turned out to be like this.

We went to the Philippines to have a vacation…

There, I went to a salon to cut my hair short and remove the damaged part. I didn’t expect them to use heat on my hair. It hurts me to accept the fact that I needed to restart my transition.

My mistake was that I didn’t know my hair. I was determined to cut them short. But unfortunately, it didn’t happen that day. I should have gone to a curly hair expert salon in the first place. But since it was my first time doing it and I was still on the stage of excitement, I chose length over health.

This was the result of my unplanned mistake. It was straightened into a thin hair and finished it off with protective oils.

The next days, I get to wash it and return to my natural hair.

Since this was the first time I started my hair journey, I didn’t know what to do and experimented my way until I got home.

Right after I cut my hair, from my transition to natural hair, I braided them because of the straight dry ends. One day it is nice, the other frizzy.

My hair was flat and almost straight because of the braids. It didn’t curl the way I wanted them to. And they kinda look like waves, which are not my natural texture.

I perfected my waves sometimes and I even tried to style it with a thin top knot.

On Tuesday, July 09, I let my sister cut my hair up till the tip of my natural untouched hair. It was up until my shoulders. I washed it that night and put no product on it except the oil I used. Then I air dried it the whole evening.

This is a photo I captured after washing my hair for the first time and drying it up to 80%.

This is the story of my hair. I hope you are inspired. Learn to love your natural hair because one moment or another, you won’t get away from it. Just embrace them and eventually, you will appreciate your curls.

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