My Shade of Dark

There is a fine line between a man’s good side and bad. But I’ll talk about my own shade of dark.

Hurt is one of the most red-lined items on my hate list. Physically, I don’t want to see or even imagine someone getting hurt. The sound of blood coming out of the veins burns on my ears. For example, being cut by sharp objects. But when it comes to extracting ingrown nails, plucking excess eyebrows, blackheads removal, and hair waxing, the more it hurts, the better.

That’s just a small part of my dark side. I am fully aware of my wrongdoings. When my mom told me to go grocery shopping, I won’t give all the change back. I’d tell her it’s my salary. A euro is already big to take, how much more when the change was five euros?

Another thing is when the red light shines on the street, as long as there’s no car, I will definitely cross that street. That’s how badass I am.

There was one time at school and the teacher wasn’t looking, I cheated on a test. My conscience almost killed me.

I don’t regret doing what I did when I did it. It’s all part of who I am now. I’ll compare everything to my good side and there’s nothing to change about it. I will still live along and move on.

My point is this: “My good side is who I am. My bad side makes me whole.”

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