My Mind Sees More Than My Eyes

Since Friday, my headache held hands with me. No matter what sleep I make, it clings on my neck as if I am not aware of it. It doesn’t go away unless I close my eyes and shove my head under a pillow. This morning, my daily routine was ruined for it is not allowing me to open my reader. So I decided to let it pass.

I walked through a long cloudy leaf-covered street. Cars roared. Lights flickered. My ears rang.

Evening came. The lights were off. The room was dark. I was covered in pillows and blanket. My eyes were open. I only saw pitch black. All I heard was my heartbeat. I closed my eyes. The light came rushing in. I remembered seeing images of flashes. Fireworks. Light torches. Thunder running wild. It was a pretty good illusion of what I felt. My mind see more than my eyes.

The light turned on and I saw an empty room again. I just wish I could fight this feeling.

After a while, I ate and took my dose of painkillers. It subsided a bit. All it takes was good food and cheese. I guess I was just hungry. ha!

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