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For One Piece fans, this song is about Luffy and Ace.
Listen to the whole song and you will know what happened.

A book with a great plot makes you want to dig in for more. As the story goes on deeper, you get attached to the characters. Just when you feel you already belong in the group, that’s when the story ends. The worst feeling any reader has to endure over and over with every book and every plot they encounter. Yet, they enter another world and relive the terror of an ending story.

Enough about sentiments and dramas. It’s time to make a list of my all-time favourite plots and twists of a dream fictional stories.

These are some stories I find interesting (books and movies):

  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians (first five books by Rick Riordan)
  • Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus (last five books by Rick Riordan)
  • One Piece (manga and anime) original story by Eiichiro Oda
  • Supernatural (movie)

If you noticed, these stories have something in common. It’s not just because they are “mythical” and “mysterious”. The one thing I fall to every time is the sense of the group. How the characters grow separately.

The stories…

In the Percy Jackson Series, especially in the Heroes of Olympus, the characters vary and do their own thing. Yet they still compliment the other person. I admire how the person can be distinguished just by their expression or their mannerism. For example, Leo Valdez is a canny hard-headed boy and a hopeless romantic. He has a personality that only his best friends can tolerate. The talent he got from his parents made him attached more on his tools than human contact. A blacksmith. Ready to help others even if he gets in big trouble. And then there’s Percy Jackson, a lost boy in enemy’s territory. (Read series to understand more… Sorry guys, I want to tell but I’d rather my mouth shut and giggle my way out of the mess you’ll be entering.)

Moving on. One Piece is the story I am most attached to right now. I’ve read half of the manga and started watching the anime. I love this series because of the stories of the characters. Their personalities were based on how they are raised, their own mishaps, the troubles they went through and all their background stories. They started with five members entering the Grand Line to make new adventures and new members come and go as they continue to chase their own dreams. With new escapades and challenges that come their way, they grew stronger and stronger. Since I am still watching, I couldn’t tell what will happen to the story. Please, no spoilers.

Supernatural is about two brothers (the Winchesters) who lost their father tragically. They are a family of hunters. It’s not just normal hunters though. They hunt monsters, ghosts, devils and other supernatural characters. As brothers, they help each other to achieve their goals and to finish what their father started. And there comes Castiel, their angel buddy who became their best friend and helped them defeat most of the antagonists of the story.

Thanks for reading!

If you know more of these kinds of stories, please tell me on the comments down below. I would be happy to read/watch them and might review some of them in my next blogs.

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  1. Call it miracle but our choices are too same
    I also love One piece, I even read the latest manga . One piece is super top manga. All hail Luffy.

    And supernatural, well I don’t need to say. I am sad because it is ending though.

    Awesome !!!

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