My Cat Abandoned Me

This is a long, sad story. It was about my cat. He doesn’t want me anymore. The situation was hard for me. He already found a family he wanted more than I.

So, the house I am living in was a three-storey house. The upper floor was intended to be a complete house with bedrooms, a dining room, a living room, a tiny kitchen, a shower and a comfort room. The first and second floors were intended for emergency uses.

My first cat was missing for several days. We couldn’t find him anywhere. Then, came another cat (who I called Manaw). Cut to the chase, he went missing too. I looked for him and still couldn’t find any clue where he was. After at least one week of searching, I asked my sister if she could come with me downstairs to see if the cat was there.

The first floor…

The place was dark and full of creepy crawlers and spiderwebs that made it more of a hunted house than a normal garage. I opened the lights and inside the comfort room was a figure of a sleeping cat. It was covered in rust-coloured dust and just lied there, barely moving. I thought it was dead until it stood up and the rusty colour slowly fading away and revealing a black and white cat. It was a suspenseful sight until he started to grab everything on his sight. The cat was my first cat and he was ready to pick a fight. He caught me and was ready to grab another person when I went outside the house and into the road.


There, I found an owner-type jeep parked outside. A woman was sitting on the hood of the car. I went there to have a sit and chat when suddenly a cat showed up from the door I got out of. It was Manaw. He went straight to the lady in front of me. As if he did not see me there. He was rubbing his head on her shoulder. My heart was shattered to pieces. Then a man came to get my cat in his arm and, to my surprise, he did not even flinch. I could not control my emotions anymore. There was anger, frustration, envy, and even pity for myself. One week. It was almost one week that I haven’t seen him and then I would find him cuddling with total strangers.

A girl was stretching her arms towards her father and taking Manaw away from me. The tears were falling and my mind was exploding. I tried to get him from them but I was left useless. Giving up was the only option I could think of.

The strange family…

I told them the story about searching for my cat for one week and how the lower level of the house has been their hideout since they were limited upstairs. The cats were not allowed to enter the kitchen or any room upstairs. I know it was hard for them to roam around with limited space so they have to go downstairs and be comfortable. The strange family told me that my cat came running to them and since then, he was being fed by another family.

After a while, they were about to leave. I asked if I could hug him one more time. If I could just give him one last goodbye. But he insisted on getting away from me. He kicked me away and went back to the lady. I was in shock I could only cry my lungs out. My breathing was shallow and I couldn’t hear the scream with my mouth wide open.


I was going to pass out and regain consciousness. My eyes were stingy with the tears coming out from them. The yell was clear but my mouth was closed. I could only see pitch black. My body was laying down and my eyes were shut. The image was still clear on my mind and my heart was pounding rapidly. I was dreaming. Thankfully it was not real. I could have died from a failed heart.

When I was fully awake, I texted my bf about it. He told me that it was just a dream and I should not be worried. My cat was fine and he was sleeping on his bed. The only thing was he did not want to get out of bed. I went to visit them in the afternoon and found out that he was still laying down the way my bf left him.

He doesn’t seem to get up for some reason. So I decided to lie down beside him. It was unusual for him to stay in one place for a very long time. I thought he was depressed so tried to call his Vet. Unfortunately, the line was still off and I have to wait until four in the evening. Then I found out later that he has a sprain on his left front leg.

I surfed the internet about dreaming cats and all it could give me was superstitions and disbelief. I am worried about his injury. Sad because of the dream I went through. But I’m glad it was just an imagination. Maybe, it was a sign that something bad happened to him. I just hope that it won’t be worse.

Do you believe in dream signs? Comment down below and let’s discuss these kinds of theories.

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