When I was a kid, I was afraid to ride a bike. I have always thought about crashing. We had a 3-wheeled bike but that is only it.

One day in my early 10s, my father bought us a bigger bicycle. It was a medium sized bike. A green one and a red one. One for my sister and one is for me. Guess what’s mine.

Mine was more comfortable and was lighter. At least that is how I felt. The green one became my favorite bike. Then after a while, I decided I wanted to ride the bigger bike. A mountain bike. (It was a road bike, actually, because I didn’t know the difference then). I was afraid at first because something new again. When I tried it, I felt like flying. So I let my green bike sit for a while.

Then, when I was bigger, I wanted to ride a motorcycle. When I was younger, I rode a big scooter to go where I want to go. It was the best worst thing I did. I took 3 passenger in the back sit and traveled long enough to visit a friend. It was fun and scary at the same time.

Though I don’t have any right now, I ride with my boyfriend. I tried once or twice. But my love for motors won’t fade. In fact, I like it better than cars. I have a little difficulty about cars that it made me hate them even more. I get dizzy every time. Maybe the air conditioner or the way a car moves.

Anyways, I’ll stick with motors for now.

Let me hear your thoughts!