Mirror Image

Humans tend to look for a spitting image of themselves. They search for another person with the same interest, love and values. But throughout the process of finding the right match, there are circumstances and challenges far ahead.

I had my own challenges and mismatches. I thought love was only a game to share others with, hate is only a misunderstanding, and hurt is just a scrap on the knee. But there was a deeper meaning in falling in love.

My middle school circled around experimenting and learning how emotions work. I had my crushes and puppy loves but going out was never my genre. In my childhood, I was a nobody and no one was interested in being my friend. I didn’t see my reflection in the sea of students. It was a blurry sight and my experiments failed.

In my college days, or at least half a year hoping to find what I thought I was searching for, my plans deteriorated. I fell in love with revenge and anger towards boys: immature and undependable people, or so I thought by then. I played with love and even put myself in a place where things are complicated. I had fair share of heartbreaks and disappointments. But I learned to be better. I closed my heart forever.

I put a mark on my heart, “Under Construction. Do not enter.” Well, I fell a couple of times. But in the end, I have enjoyed the process. If it wasn’t because of what happened to me in the past, I won’t be able to raise my standards and understand what I really want.

My image has been changed over time, so is my soulmate. We’ve been matched and finding each other was made easier.

Our standards met. Compromises were just a bonus. But in the end, that’s what mirror images are for.

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