Midday Thoughts…

A thought came to me…

“It’s cold outside and no one dares to go out bare. Some will go out on their most comfy clothes. Some will put on their fanciest.

Everything would be a competition outside, as we can see it. But did we…”

You know what, just stop…

If you don’t feel like it (writing something when you’re not on your mind), don’t do it. It’ll just waste your time trying to end it but you’re not happy with the ending or you’ll be confused where you’re going with it.

You revise it a lot. You check it all the time and see if there are still errors. If you aren’t inspired anymore, just STOP. Do what makes you happy. Nothing is responsible for your happiness but you. Not even empty arguments. Nothing should waste your time. It’s your purpose. It’s not even the reason why you’re here.

Do something from passion.

It’s not because you did it once make something your¬†passion. You need to do it daily. You need to overcome your insecurities, your doubts, your self-esteem.

GO OUT. Do your thing. END useless arguments. Live your life for the better.

Let me hear your thoughts!