Manage Time

Doing things when it’s convenient for you is a waste of time. There are several cons of not managing your time. I know these because I’m living it. Though I’m trying to change my ways, I want to keep a good set of goals for my time management. It will also be the best way to track where I started.

There are routines I found useful, especially on writers like me. One day I searched podcasts for writers and I found one on Spotify. It is called “Writer’s Routine” by Dan Simpson. His podcast is all over different podcast platform. The station is still ongoing.

I wanted to write every single detail I learned from different authors but what’s the fun in hearing it on your own, right?

Here are some of my favourites so far:
– Write whatever comes to your mind and edit later.
– Have at least a concrete plot: good beginning, a middle story, and an ending. Everything can happen in between.
– Don’t stop working. Your subconscious will always work after a long write.
– Most importantly, one I cannot do is to work OFFLINE.

Since most of my readers are writer, how can you manage your time on writing an article or a blog? Please tell me on the comments down below. I’d appreciate your likes.

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