Looking for a Sign

This is a story about patience.

I was calm. The morning I left the house seemed normal. Traffic was smooth. The bus arrived on time. I have planned to cook dinner after doing grocery. My to-do list was ready. I just had to make time for it.

Before going downstairs, I rested my feet for a while and watched one episode of One Piece. I was listening to music and choosing a song line-up for Sunday’s Praise and Worship.

On the way to the groceries (the grocery is 1.2 km on foot, 14 minutes from home), my youngest sister called me and asked about the money I have to lend them. A clear memory of this morning came flashing back into mind. My mind was asleep. I was just woken up when my mom gave me the cash. I left it on my bedside and continued sleeping.

My sister told me it is important and I need to give them right away. I asked if we could postpone it for tomorrow. They said no and I need to get it as soon as possible. My blood was boiling with anger and frustration. Not only by how I was spoken to but I have also myself to blame.

I travelled back to my own home.

It was about 6.3 km away from where I came from. The interval between trips was about an hour, depends on the bus. And another hour to deliver the money to my sister and go straight to the grocery. I didn’t stop walking. My mind was focused on doing the crossed out and the replaced to-do list.

My mood was changing. I was already upset. The climate seemed hotter than usual. There were so many things I wanted to do but so little time. The clock is running while I was there, standing and waiting. My mind was a time bomb, ready to explode. I looked for a sign. Is this a punishment for being too careless? Or is it because I already need to exercise?

I did everything on my checklist. Exhausted, I called my boyfriend and asked if he could come to the grocery and help me carry the items.

I told him about what happened that whole day. He told me a simple solution: borrow the money we have in their house and I will pay it back soon. Their house was just inches away from where I stood compared to the 6 km I crawled just to make myself suffer. I realized I was not thinking straight.

The lesson I learned in this story is to be patient. All things work together for good. Do not react immediately if your head is still steaming hot. There is a solution for every mistake.

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