Living the Past

If you are interested in reading Living the Past story, here are the previous parts:

You look back and everyone you know seems to fade away. As if they did not exist to begin with.

What if one day you realized you were living the wrong life?

The adventure begins when a meteor suddenly hit the place you’re living in. Sixteen years passed by and everything was a lie. Your mom wasn’t the mayor of your town but instead, she is a blacksmith. Dad was in the military before he became a mad scientist. You were an ordinary kid and now you’re being chased by the government.

Everything is odd and new but it doesn’t feel new. You keep on thinking how on earth this happened. There in the corner sits a sharp blade spilt with red blood. A sticky liquid runs over your arms. The smell is awful. You are inside a dark room with no windows. The only source of light is coming from a lamp located at the centre, poorly illuminating the area.

You remember bits of your past life – Christmas under mistletoes and summer with your loved ones. A familiar embrace and a kiss on the forehead. The moments are gibberish and the atmosphere is cold. They were just an illusion. Your mind is playing tricks and you don’t believe anything anymore.

A body is laying beside you.

It’s not moving. The blade on the floor was used to take the life out of that person. You are the culprit. The door opens and your dad came rushing inside. He heard screams and run to see what happened and found you pale as snow.

All you can do is open your mouth and stare at the lifeless body. Your hands are trembling with blood. You ran out of the building and abandoned the life you did not wish to enter.

The road is filled with street lights. Streaks of moonlight passed between tree leaves. You are in trouble. Now you’re in a run and trying to live in the past. You try to wake up from a nightmare but it doesn’t seem to work.

Is the past not the past anymore? Did you sleep through all of it and woke up in reality? How can you live a life you don’t even begin?

To be continued…

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If you read it all, can I ask a question? Is it effective as a thriller book or it’s just gibberish and trash? Thanks for the comments.

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