Living the Past (Part 8)

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The flight of stairs that leads to the bottom of the bridge is made of stacked stones. Moss grows between the cracks. Tree branches and dried leaves snap as you step on them. The place is obviously old.

Hannah waits for you at the bottom of the old arch. She lights up a lamp that you just noticed in her hand. Under the pathway is a small door that leads into a cavern. You wonder why the girl knows too much about a creepy bridge.

When did she start to talk?

“Do you know where we are?” you ask concerned.

She nods.

You follow her inside as she lights up a torch beside the door. The place smells like chamomile. It is odd since it is built under a bridge.

As the room slowly brighten up, you notice the walls are made of bricks. It is a firm house. The fireplace on the left seems old because of the burnt woodpiles. You wonder where the smoke ends up.

“Did I just hear you talk to me earlier? Or is it just an imagination,” you ask her.

She hesitates to talk. No words come out of her mouth. You keep calm and follow her into another room.

“Come inside.”

Her voice is as restricted as before. It is low and modest. The tone seems a bit odd for her. She doesn’t sound like a little girl. It is more like an old lady.

You continue to walk behind her. Is this the Hannah I know?

ms Ruth

The room door is named ms Ruth. You remember what Liana told you about a certain person she wants you to meet.

Hannah knocks twice on the door like a unique code. A person on the other side answers: “come on in!” You feel uncomfortable because of the aura it gives. Next to that door might be a psycho. Or maybe a witch. A vampire?

You enter the room and the lights are already open. There is a window at the top of the ceiling. It is the last dream you would have wanted to have. Either way, the feelings you have is stronger. It is like there is a connection between you and the cavern.

“Who are you?” the lady in the chair asks. She is working on something on her workbench. You can see that she is a blacksmith. Her clothes are dirty with black oil. Her dark curly hair is in a loose bun.

She looks in your direction. You gasp.


To be continued…

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