Living the Past (Part 7)

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You don’t remember anything but a promise.

“Everything will be better. Your life is about to change.”

Liana is still holding your hands. Her touch is warm and cosy. Unlike the smell of damped earth and cool breeze. Hannah goes to her bedroom upstairs. Ricky set the table for three. The sun is lower than it should be at noon.

Lunch is ready before you knew it. Pasta al Pesto. It is an Italian cuisine you used to eat with steak for dinner. Bits and pieces of your memories choose to slowly come back.

A hand reaches for the water next to your shoulders.

“Eleanor, is it?” Ricky pours the water on his glass. He points the bottle on your glass, asking if you’d like some, too.

“I am,” you confirmed shaking your head on the offer.

“A room upstairs is empty. You can sleep there for tonight,” the guy explains. You thank him.

Hannah is upstairs, too.

“You worry too much about her,” Liana smiles.

Time passes by and the meal on your plate is not touched. You keep on looking at the stairs and thinking about the young girl.

The sun continues to descend and the breeze becomes colder. City lights start to lighten with the dimming of the sky. Stars reflect themselves in the streets of the city.

You sit on a rocking chair at the back porch of the house. The sun begins to descend between the distant valley. It is a majestic view from a faraway town. The sky is covered with pink and purple hue with golden streaks.

The place is surrounded by nature, you are not sure if it is still a part of the city since you’ve walked across a long bridge.

Night comes by fast and the city is fully lit. You become curious about it and you decided to go out for a walk.

“Tomorrow, we will go out early. I am going to introduce you to ms Ruth,” Liana declares. She just finishes cleaning the dishes.

You take a shower and get dress. After thirty minutes, you are all done.

Liana tells you to be attentive and to call her when you need help. You are already past the gate when someone grabs your hand and run with you to the city.

“Hannah?” You shout.

She continues to run, still grabbing your wrist.

“Hey, Hannah? Where do you think you’re going? Your brother will get worried about you.”

She slows down. You are halfway through the bridge. Hannah releases her grip. She goes towards the edge of the road and down the stairs to the bottom of the bridge.
She whispers.

“Come with me.”

To be continued…

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