Living the Past (Part 6)

If you are interested in reading Living the Past story, here are the previous parts:

The trees rustle together outside the aperture. They sounded familiar. A day on your unclear memory suggests that you used to like Fall. You grab the leaf and fumble it with your thumb.

Hannah is still staring at her trembling hands. She doesn’t speak.

“Does she talk?” you ask. From the time you enter the house, you notice that she is silent.

The girl glances at you every few seconds and looks at her brother. Ricky is making a gesture with his hands. You do not understand.

“Hannah cannot hear. She started to lose her sense of hearing when she was only seven,” the young man answers. “She and my mother had an accident ten years ago. The only survivor was the kid. When the police saw her, she was screaming and pointing at the body in front of her.”

Even though she doesn’t understand, Hannah shed a tear. It must be traumatizing for someone to experience an unfortunate tragedy at a very young age.

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“She doesn’t want to see someone unconscious. It made her uncomfortable. You started to freak out and she panicked so she bumped her arms on the side of the table,” Ricky states. Your shoulders unconsciously drop from a tensed state. You did not do anything to her. You’re just freaking out.

The leaf touches the floor.

You look at Hannah one more time and she seems less afraid of you. Maybe because she knows you are okay and not another deceased body.

The only thing that confuses you is what Liana told you: “We did not mean to hold you back. It happened so fast I do not know what you were thinking…”

You let it go. If they want to talk about it, they will tell you. At least you’re conscious.

On the corner of the entrance door, the puppy wags his tail. He seems happy despite the intense atmosphere surrounding the area. You walk outside the house and into the garden. Liana follows you.

She holds your hands and draws them near her heart.

“Forgive us, El. It was the best we could do. You were about to run away,” Liana bows. A whimper comes out of her lips and she starts to cry.

“I want to understand what is happening to me. I want to know why half my life is missing right now.”

She nods and smiles. You will understand soon.

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