Living the Past (Part 5)

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The last thing you remember before you wake up was the cold floor and a faint scream. Your arms are tied into a chair. Three people are standing in front of you, skins as pale as snow. You do not understand why they are restraining you with ropes. Have you gone mad?

No one wants to tell you what had happened. You look outside the window. It is still morning.

“Ricky, let’s talk outside,” Liana whispers to her companion. They walk outside, leaving Hannah around with you.

She doesn’t want to look at you in the eyes. Her left shoulder is wrapped in bandages. Though she is far from where you sit, she stayed put. The girl keeps on clenching her hands above her knees. You cannot imagine what is going on in her mind. It is still a mystery to you.

Did you hurt her?

After a few minutes, Liana and Ricky walk across the front door and into the living room you’re in. The guy unties your hands and remains standing at your side. You rub your numbed arms and ask what happened.

“You do not remember anything?” Lia exclaims. She looks as confused as you are. Then you realize you did not mention everything to her.

“I do not want to hurt anyone. It was not my fault. I am innocent. Please, help me!” You shout. Your fists tremble with agony. With whom, you are not sure.

“We did not mean to hold you back. It happened so fast I do not know what you were thinking,” Lia answers.

You want to talk but there is no voice coming out of your mouth. Your body cannot even move. What were you thinking? Are you going to hurt everyone around you?

The leaves are still falling, one after another. A leaf drops from a nearby tree and flies through the window into your lap.

To be continued…

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