Living the Past (Part 4)

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“Sisters should look for each other, shouldn’t they?”

The pieces of words shamble inside your head like the puzzle. Is there something you need to know? Does Liana know that you’ve lost half of your life? She talks to you casually with a sincerity. You couldn’t break her heart.

Fountains scatter across the city. Residents walk with peace. The red sky whispers danger. You don’t mind.

Tree leaves are starting to fall. Autumn is coming. The other side of the tranquil city is disturbed history. One you are yet to unfold. How do things work in a world that is far different from where you came from?

The thoughts disappear. You are walking along the river. Liana by your side. She is talking about the men who searched the house. They are an old friend of hers. It clears why they talked to Liana as if they knew each other.

You pass the bridge and straight to a friend’s house. There is a lawn before the entrance. A puppy jumps on your lap and licks your face. That is strange.

You do not remember anything.

The door opens. Two people come out of the door with a big smile and a hug. The tall one is a guy named Rick. He is, according to Lia, an athlete at their school. Hannah won’t speak. She waves and smiles at you and then look at her feet.

“Please, El needs a place to crash. You are the only one I know who can help her,” Liana begs the strangers in front of you.

They look at each other and Rick signed something to Hannah. She nods. You stand up and clean your fur filled dress.

“Thank you.”

“Anything we can do for you.”

The house is bright and lively. Though there are only two of them, their place is bigger than your garage. The garage. The knife. The body.

Your eyes are closing. You feel the ground getting closer to your body. The last thing you hear is the scream of Liana.

To be continued…

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