Living the Past (Part 3)

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Half an hour passes by and you are peeping outside a secret trap door. The noises begin to crumble down and the door locks. The authorities have searched the entire room for a person allegedly accused for murder. Fortunately for you, they did not check if there are any suspicious entrance somewhere near the bathroom sink.

“Safe to get out now, El.” Liana knocks on the wall three times in a row, letting you know it’s her.

Who are they and what do they want? You ask Li but she refuses to spill the beans. Not in there at least. Thanks to her you got to take a hold of your belongings just before they enter the apartment.

You plan to take off in the morning. Go somewhere safer. Be with yourself and your grief. But a part of you want to know the truth and deal with it.

“I am never going to leave you again. I will go with you on this one, El…” The girl exclaims. Darkness starts to subside. Morning came and so is a good news. There are no sign of rain clouds and the sky is clear.

“And one thing,” she continues. “Sisters must look at each other’s back wouldn’t we?”

To be continued…

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