Living the Past (Part 2)

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You are running for no reason. The street is slippery from the rain earlier. Your limbs tremble as you accelerate the speed from a minimum of four miles per hour to a fourteen. Street light shines through your tears. The trees sway with the soft breeze of the night sky. You keep on sprinting away until you reached the high way.

The high skyline stretches to another city. It’s where you’re heading to. A vision keeps on getting back to your head about a particular person that supposedly live in your destination. But is he a foe or a friend? You wouldn’t know.

The road is tranquil. There are no two cars for less than ten meters apart. The travel on foot on there is not a hassle. You’re taking your time. It is already eleven in the evening and your phone is dead. You don’t have any possible contact for the person you’re supposed to meet. The only thing you remember is a promise.

Your heart beats harder and harder. You breathe more shallow than before. The smell of cigar smoke is nostalgic. Bars are still open and the faint sound of bass music is alluring. On the third alley from the bar is the apartment. You are not sure if you’re walking through a trap. Yet your mind feels safe in those streets. There are only three lights left open on the four-storey building. You checked your back pocket unconsciously. There is a circular keychain with the name “El” written at the centre. And with it are two keys.

You try to open the entrance door but it won’t budge.

An image is blurry. On one of the second-floor windows with the lights on, a girl shouted, “El! I was waiting for you all day! Hurry up.”

The door opens so you enter and followed the stairs to the room on the left. You take off your jacket and place them on a chair. The house is small but full.

“Thank goodness you’re safe! I was worried I won’t see you again soon,” the girl on a plaid shirt exclaimed. She holds your hand and smiles in delight.

You nod. Silent.

She places a cup of water on the table next to you. According to the girl, you were best friends since grade school. You are not sure if she wants to keep you safe or sell you to the authority. The latter would be bad because of what happened earlier.

You are tired of all the running and crying so you fell asleep on the sofa. After a while, you hear guns cocking outside of the apartment room…

To be continued…

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