Living the Past (Part 11)

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The rain pours heavy outside.

Miss Ruth returns to her work. She uses a rectangular rock to sharpen her blades. Hannah walks towards you and sits.

“Do you know her?” she asks pointing to the woman.

“I thought I knew her. Maybe it is just my imagination,” you respond. Even though you are certain that she represents your mother. Or is it just a mere coincidence?

The rain suddenly calms down and you are on your way to the town’s centre when you hear something. Someone is shouting your name: “EL! HANNAH!”

You look who it is and ms Ruth comes running with 2 knives in her pocket. She looks worried and tired but she manages to catch you both right before you climb the stairs.

“I thought I could be of some help if you need one,” she reassures. Just like what your mother said when you were young and careless.

“Thank you,”

“I want to tell you something,” ms Ruth continues. “I thought you looked familiar.”

That is what you are thinking about earlier. Maybe it is deja vu or a time travel. You are stuck in a situation where your subconscious is failing you.

“Maybe you are mistaken with another girl,” you excuse.

After a while, you and Hannah walk into the same pub you saw coming in town. It is already morning but you can smell the damped earth and alcohol odour.

Pass the pub is Liana’s house. Then on the other side of the city lies a small shop. It is full of weaponry and iron materials. You are thinking that the place is where you mom, NO… ms Ruth, works and sells.

The world is full of surprises. You see a picture of her daughter. And it looks like you.

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