Living the Past (Part 10)

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The night sky is cloudy.

“You can save us all…”

The room is silent. You can hear the soft flow of the stream outside the cavern. Though the city is just a few steps away, you can capture the sound of nature.

You don’t understand what you feel. What you want to feel. The light slowly brightens up her features. Her dark hair now seems to have grey streaks. The flawless face you knew does not reassemble youth due to the fine lines between her smile. You do not recognize the woman in front of you.

“Oh my. You must be aware of your surroundings more,” ms Ruth looks at you carefully. She examines your hair and dress. A look of dominance. That, you are familiar.

You shiver. “Wha… why?”

“You are new in this place, aren’t you?”

“I woke up from a dream. A long dream. Or this is a dream. I don’t even know what is real,” you try to explain. As if she would know how you feel.

She looks more concerned. “Why did you come here?” she changes the topic.

You do not know. Hannah took you in and you came along. That is all you know. After knowing the truth, ms Ruth rushes back to her work and says she doesn’t want to be disturbed.

It doesn’t feel new. You are already used to being ignored. Your anger should not affect your behaviour to others. That is what you learned. At least in the past.

It is getting late. You look at the clock and it is already 2 in the morning. The air is feeling damped. Earth begins to call a natural partner. Raindrops fall into the stream and a strong wind comes to your way. You have no choice but to stay in that cave. The bridge is slippery anyway. And the signal for your phone is poor inside the room.

Hannah doesn’t seem to be bothered to stay there. She is not ordinary. You can feel it. Liana is your sister. That is how you feel. Your gut tells you to stick with her.

But your mom. It is not her. She has vanished.

To be continued…

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