Living a Lie

All my life I’ve been living a single lie…

I was hiding behind a face not far
from who I am, yet still not the same.

I’m controlled by my self-esteem,
or, I don’t know, it dominated the game.
I’m looking through a stranger’s

reflection, not even mine to tame,
I struggled with desperation to be seen
and to get me back to being lame.

I’ve tried to bury who I was
and who I really need to become
‘Cause of the agony of being clouded
by the bruises of what’s gone.
Though I’m aching for it to return

and accept the fact, -if it’ll still come.
Right through that door that I closed
since I was still fierce and young.

I kept it low, secured and entombed
Don’t want it to be out, free in the wild.
And in all that moment I’ve lost
my time’s up, I’m stuck and I’m riled
Now I’m ready. Ready to be free

Free from what seems to be defiled.
Being true to what you are is a true gift
and I’m going to be reconciled.

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