Light ‘Em Up

I have a huge fangirl crush on Leo Valdez of Percy Jackson book series by Rick Riordan. He is my next big crush on this series next to Percy Jackson. It is like living in a parallel world because Leo Valdez is fire and Percy Jackson is Water.


There were basically two pentalogies of Percy Jackson Series: The Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus. The first five books are the story of how Percy Jackson found out who he really was (a demigod), camp half-blood, his father was Poseidon, his mother was abducted by his uncle Hades, retrieving his mom from Hades, his half-brother was a cyclops, Thalia’s tree, Bianca and Nico, Kronos, he fell in love with Annabeth, and a bunch of prophecies. Every god has their own cabin where their children grouped themselves and live together. But that’s just half of the story.

The second pentalogy was about two different races of demigods who met by fate. That’s where Leo Valdez comes in. He is a jolly best friend of Jason. Leo finds trouble in everything he does. His character progression is mind-blowing. He is from a wimpy kid to a strong independent hero. The problem is, he falls in love with beautiful ladies so easily, which causes him to get heartbroken in the end. His backstory, by the way, is the most heartbreaking story I have ever read in a fanfiction series.

In his childhood, he grew up as a kid of a mechanic.

Soon enough, he learned how to use tools to assemble things. I remember how he used Morse code to communicate with his mom while working on the other room. His mother was killed by fire but he survived. He was accused by his Aunt Rosa and was even called diablo. For a child to bear blame like that would be hurtful and sorrowful. I was drawn to his character that I even learned how to use Morse code. Throughout the whole series, he became a hopeless romantic until he was sent to a faraway island where he met Calypso, daughter of Atlas. He tries so hard to be annoying, no one should insult his ability to annoy. Leo Valdez is smarter than what he gets credit for. His character was well interpreted I can hug him on my thoughts.

Then there’s Festus, his pet dragon. His love for his pet is heart melting. He would do anything to save him. Leo would even sacrifice his life to keep him from harm’s way. He interacts more with his tools than other people. I understand him. He felt lonely, unwanted, hated and feared his whole life.

I like that he is not perfect. Fire might be harmful and dangerous but he is so hot, sizzling seems cool.

Thank you all for reading my rants and unexplainable mood swings. Today I am feeling happy and reminiscing the series made me want to reread it. If you already read the series, comment down below what you think about Leo Valdez and who is your favorite character of the Percy Jackson books. If you haven’t yet, you can suggest more interesting adventure fantasy books I can read in the future.

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