Life’s Game

Life is a game you need to follow. Or will you?

People… You like them, they don’t like you back. You hate them, they hate you more. You love them, they won’t even care. That’s how some people see life: as a “game”. Life tends to make you suffer from the most inner parts. It makes the most out of your weaknesses. Doesn’t it make any sense? See through your experiences, have you been hurt by someone so badly it changed you (for the better or for the worse)? Have you been defending yourself from anyone who makes you so vulnerable even from what you think was your strongest? Did anyone ever think you wrong when you only think of what’s good? Then the statement is true. Life is truly a game. But how can you play it?

Have you ever thought about making a joke on someone but in reality the joke was on you? That’s when the fun part starts. Every game has its own rules. This time, it was made by you. If you think everyone is making fun of you? Then they are! If you believe they’re not, then you don’t have to do anything about it.

Life is all about what we think it is. It’s a different game where everybody has a role to play. Sometimes it’s the same game as the others but for your point of view, it’s far different from them. Use your ability to overcome what challenges are to come because ONLY YOU can make it through your game as the main character with everyone else as your sidekicks. *wink*

Let me hear your thoughts!