Liberation Day

An annual celebration of liberty takes place every April 25. It marks the fall of Mussolini’s Italian Social Republic and the end of the Nazi occupation in Italy in 1945, towards the end of the second World War. (click here for more details)

I woke up early in the morning because we were supposed to clean the entire house. My original plan was to go to my boyfriend’s house and wait for the night to come and have a night out with my family. But it all changed because I reconsidered making time with my father, (we can only bond with him when it is a holiday and he doesn’t have work).

After lunch, we went out and had shopping at Mondo Juve commercial centre. We bought several dresses and blouses from different clothing shops and get to walk and bond with each other. After a while, we have nothing to do so we went to a shopping mall near our house. We wanted to watch the Avengers End Game but we decided not to because we want to eat at KFC and it is too time-consuming.

My grandpa was still at home so we have to get her and eat at 45 Nord, another commercial centre on the other side of town. My other sister got out of work at half-past eight so we waited for her outside. Once we got there, we found another part of the family clan wandering the area.

For us Filipinos, food is better with rice.

So we brought with us some rice and plates and spoons at a finger-licking-good restaurant. No one saw us. I hope.

After we eat dinner, we went to see the others in the gaming area. There, we played some basketball and race game. We were supposed to play billiards, too, but it was already too late so we all went home.

It is sad because my cousin’s girlfriend, who I only see once in a blue moon, will go back home early tomorrow morning. I wanted to stay there still, but I think it is better we part ways because they were already tired.

Anyways, it was a good day. Nothing so special I wanted to write. Maybe next time, there will be more adventure to narrate. Thank you for reading. See you on my next blogs. Don’t forget to see more on my blogs below. Write some comments and click the like button. I would appreciate it. <3 <3 <3

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