Kinda Weird

There was a bunch of weird stuff happened today. First, I woke up with a weird dream. It was about aliens, or so I think. I took my phone and surf through my Facebook newsfeed before doing my house chores.

On the way to the bus stop, I saw this tree. It was wide and full of stems. The tree itself has three trunks separated from the very bottom. I guess that’s just nature playing along.

I arrived at my boyfriend’s house and it’s weird that the lights are out. When I opened it, the lights were flickering. I tried to remove the fluorescent to avoid further damage but the problem is I didn’t know how. My boyfriend texted me what I can do. There were other spare bulbs on my boyfriend’s mother’s room. We tried to replace everything. The first light bulb was pinkish in colour. It was dim and not suitable for the house. The second one we replaced was okay. Moving on to the other light bulb (there were 2), The functioning bulb was no longer functioning. Then I tried the rejected bulb and it did light.

The weird part is it’s yellow.

We cleaned the other part of the house and then half-past four came and I needed to walk the dog. Outside, it was sunny. There were people sitting on the bench. I was walking past a couple of men on the bench when I realized something weird. There was an onion skin on the side. I didn’t dare look if they were eating an actual onion because that’s weird enough for me. I continued to walk the dog until we went back home.

The onion skin on the bench was the weirdest sight of them all. I didn’t expect something like that was even a thing. I just hope they didn’t make it an afternoon snack because that would be unnecessary even in public places.

But then again, weird is what makes the day even better. I like it when I need to think about what’s happening rather than having an obvious reason for everything. There are things in this world that don’t need an explanation. We just need to accept the fact that there will always be misfits and odd one outs. Rather than complaining, let’s be happy it is part of us. For everyone has their own weird traits, weird tastes, weird thoughts and ideas.

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