Just Try

In this time, trying is a rare word. We do what we can do best and when we fail, it’s hard to try again.

These past few days, I have proven something important. If you plan to give up on your dreams so easily, your goal is useless in the first place. This slapped me hard on the face. It hurts even more because complaining hit number one on my list of weaknesses. I’ll most definitely take a bus instead of walking because I hate to walk. The elevator is more convenient to ride instead of the flight of stairs. I don’t try to overpass my weakness just because I don’t want the result.

I want to try harder than what I am doing right now. There are times when giving up is the only option I have but it should not be an option. To give up means to disregard what you have already started. I have already given up so many times now. The last time I did so was on my photography project. I complained about the quality of my photos when I send it only via wifi, edit with VSCO and upload it on my site. When I found a solution (edit the raw file exposure on my computer, export in jpeg, send the files on my phone, filter them with vsco, upload on my site, writing a description, edit the page), I gave up. I didn’t find the time to do it daily for 365 days straight. It was time-consuming and I thought it wasn’t for me to continue. (See project here)

This year, I am planning to continue writing until my head aches. I won’t promise anything to myself anymore but one thing is for sure: my dream is to write and I’ll continue doing it until one day I can truly say I have pursued what I really want to do.

Try is a hard word. It is a risk to take. But if you won’t try then you wouldn’t know what lies ahead.

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What is #dailyjournal?

Every night, I write anything that comes to mind. It is one way of extracting thoughts out of my mind and making it a sweet reminder not only for me but also for anyone who reads them. I keep on writing to improve my writing skills and also my communication skills.

Is “daily” journal every single day?

I technically mean weekly journal for I write only Monday to Friday. Daily is just an expression.

What time do you usually publish every day?

Sometimes, I finish writing at 2 in the morning gmt+1. It’s because I have a bad habit of doing it “later”. I want to remove it though.

Let me hear your thoughts!