Just A Matter Of Time

How much time do stop lights need to come to the point of telling you to stop? Is it 20 seconds? 40 seconds? Even so, do you follow it every time?

Maybe some of you may or may not think about the risks of breaking the rule. But most people know why they should stop: to avoid accidents (obviously). You, of course, wouldn’t like to end up in the hospital or even worse, would you?

Why do people ONLY follow when they know what will happen if they don’t? Why do they think in advance when it comes to obvious accidents? But if, for example, your parents told you not to do something that could harm you, you don’t follow them. Instead, it triggers you to want to try them. You think every day is a YOLO day where you do all the things you shouldn’t be doing. When all they really care about is your safety and that it’s not the best way to live your life to the fullest.

There are so many things in life that can be lived fully like traveling, reading (I love reading), playing music, making some new friends and even having a new hobby. It’s not only about the things which make you satisfied for just a moment but for the better memories, something could make.

There will always be harmful things that will pull you down from where you are. When you stop thinking about these then you can stop right when that red light shows. You can be saved from whatever happens at the end of the road.

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