“It’s Not Christmassy”

“Non è Natalizio”

Christmas spirit is felt in the middle of December here in Italy. The Fog. The snow clouds. The Christmas lights. The music.

My day was just a normal day to day habit. I woke up late. I ate lunch with my grandpa. We went on our appointment to get his personal documents. The journey to and out of the building was the same except for the unexpected snow rain and excess cold. Going home was the hardest. Our trip to the next stop took us only twenty minutes but waiting for the connecting bus was at least an hour.
The rain fell harder and the air felt denser. Our breath became visible. When the bus came, he went home. I took the other route and went to visit my cats at my man’s apartment.

Later this night,

I went back to the stop and found an old aged man with a trolly bag. He looked normal. I didn’t feel threatened. I just heard loud music from somewhere near the bus stop. A Christmas Song with trumpets and violins and familiar hymns. It was like an orchestra of some kind. I walked passed him and noticed that his trolly bag has a speaker on maximum volume. I smiled and stood two meters beside him.

He talked to me about his choices of music. The man told me that he likes the spirit of Christmas.“The others didn’t want to come here in the shade. It’s raining,” he said to me. He called the others to come to the shade but they must have been embarrassed because of his blaring music.

We waited for the bus to arrive. The elder switched music with his phone. Every music became livelier than the previous one. He bragged about the atmosphere being “Christmassy” so he’s playing songs that make him feel the essence.

His music was still playing on the bus but one passenger asked the man to stop his music. He paused it. My heart shattered. I liked the music. I felt happy and I think most of us were okay with him doing his thing.

He shouted, “Non è Natalizio.” which means “It’s not Christmassy”.

I puffed a laugh and so was a girl at my back. The man said that the girls didn’t mind. (He meant us and we agree.)

It’s a very funny story if you see it that way. But the man seemed happy about it. He was spreading his love of music. He is optimistic about his choices. This man didn’t mind thinking about what others might say to him. The smile he lends to others is much better than the negativity the world is shooting at him.

I must say, he made my day. I feel the Christmas Spirit in every vein on my body. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned today, it is “Do what you love as long as nobody gets hurt in the process.”

Happy Hollidays!

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