Itch or Pain?

Do you prefer itch or pain?

I asked myself once, “Why does scratching an itch make it worse?”

Being a person with an alcohol intolerance, I suffered an allergic reaction once I intake more alcohol than I intend to drink. My back would become swollen and red by the itch. When I try to eliminate the pain by scratching it with force, it doesn’t become numb, thus, it worsens.
It is because when you scratch, it triggers the brain to release serotonin, which makes you itch more. (according to google)

I tried to avoid alcohol several times now. It started when I was at least 14 years old. There was a time when I was curious about how a wine tastes like. I’ve drunk at least a quarter of bottle that day. The night was normal but as the sun rises, my body felt weird. My arms were tingling. So was my back, then my whole body started to ache from the “pins-poking-my-body” feeling. I hated it and I hated alcohol and I hated myself for even allowing it to happen. The pain subsided after one looooong week. 
I haven’t touched alcohol since then. Yet after eight years, I still remember the impact on my body but I forgot the pain I’ve felt. So… it’s worse than I expect it to be.

But the problem here is: Will I allow the itch to fade on its own or remove it by force and suffer repeatedly?

It’s the same with life’s choices:
One is the itching sensation of wanting to try something.
The other one is the pain of every consequence once you fall into the itch.

We try everything to remove the itch, but sometimes, falling for it is the easiest way to ease the annoyance. And once we percieve the pain, we just continue to look for the cause and scratch it more. It’s like finding a problem we cannot escape from.

Try to see the consequences first and avoid the cause more. If we fall for the same itch every time, suffer the consequence and be patient to change your choices next time.

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