Is It Love?

When do you know it’s love?

Does someone annoy you more than anybody can? But then, their absence still angry you. Have you been wishing upon the stars that this particular person might feel the same way?

There once was a time I felt strongly for someone. I hated him for not being present. Yet when he was around, he irritates me. The feeling was strangely abnormal for me. I thought it was only a temporary feeling but it was worse than I expected. I fell from a severe illness. Love-sickness.

I wouldn’t eat. Nor did my daily chores. It was as if Cupid was half-drunk and jabbed the arrow on my head and passed out. That “someone” didn’t want me, though. He was in love with someone else. I didn’t expect him to like me, too, because I’m so so much younger than him. Ten years younger. I didn’t have any clue what love really was.

I was sixteen.

After two years of passing through each other, we texted. I never would have realized he did like me too. It was weird and I was happy. We had our ups and downs. Long conversations later, we went out on our first date. Everything was new. Feelings were mutual. I would never imagine someone can show me off, hold my hands and smile at me the way he did.

For three long years, things did change. The getting-to-know each other was turned to compromises and forgiveness. First times were turned to sweet reminders. Difficulties were turned to knowing how to help each other. Tears were turned to lessons. Every day was a new beginning to share stories. As time passed by, we shared the most unexpected things, the same passion, the same values. Well, is it love?

Life showed me that being in love doesn’t mean we are meant to be perfect in every way. It is love when you learned to tolerate the imperfection of each other. If they love you, they’ll better themselves and so should you.

Love isn’t just laughter and excitement. Love also means acceptance, trust and forgiveness. You know it’s love when you look them in the eyes and you are grateful they are yours.

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