Is it An Advantage?

I have started writing daily since the later months of last year (2018) and it has become a daily ritual for me to do before sleeping. It was easier to write on the first days of this on-going experience because I have so much to share. The hard part was when I have already told an extent of what I wanted to share about myself and started to tell my everyday experiences. Since I don’t do anything interesting the whole day, the struggle of thinking what to write is real.

I do not consider myself a planner. There was a saying I keep on holding unto: Come What May. I don’t want to spoil myself of what will come tomorrow. Last time I planned what to do for the next few months, it ended up being just a wish. (Photography project)

But theere is question I have been thinking about lately. Is writing everyday at my advantage to become a real published writer and a known blogger? I hope this will be my inspiration as I go back and read all of my work.

I have seen many who are good at writing and are underrated. Their works compliment their views in writing. I also learned that writers who writes specifically succeed more than anyone who babbles about anything they want and scatter their works everywhere (a.k.a. ME).

The only goal I am aiming at this time is to be more confident on my skills and to be better than myself today.

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