Instant Regret

Now I am very convinced that the saying in the Philippines “nasa huli ang pagsisisi” which means“regret always comes last” is true.

I promised myself not to drink beverages with alcohol content ever again. The obvious reason is because of my Alcohol Intolerance. I wrote about it on thelink below:

Long story short, I drank way too much than what my body can handle. The morning after, instead of having a bad headache for a hang-over, my body reacted by getting itchy. I couldn’t sleep then. My body suffered from severe pain. There was nothing I could do. There is no prevention but to minimize or avoid intaking alcohol. Screw that too. My mind wants to drink but my body cannot handle it. What should I follow?

Now, I’ve learned my lesson. At least for now. Not only do I have a patchy red and white body but with itchy pitchies as well. My world has turned 360 degrees multiple times and my head ached one too many hours.

Well, “never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted.”

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