Where do I get inspirations for blogging?

Blogging is one way to express my dreams and ambitions for the world to see. My blogs do not just come from one seed. They sprout from one thought to another.

Here is a list of where my inspirations come from:

  1. My actual dreams
  2. Bad Experiences
  3. My cats
  4. Daily Routine
  5. Book Adventures
  6. Love of Films
  7. My feelings at the moment

My actual dreams

Basically, I dream almost every night. I am not a lucid dreamer and I accept every dream as a reality, even for just a moment. That is where my short-story “Living the Past” came to life. The concept comes from experience so it is a very emotional story for me to tell.

Bad Experiences

When I was young, I used to write in my diary every day. I liked to share what I experienced for the day and how I felt. That is how I started to like sharing my thoughts from a non-answering notebook to a published article online. Since I have too many experiences I would like to share and make a lesson out of it, I intended to make it visible for everyone to see.

My cats

I love my cats! They are my spirit animal. The only thing I do not have for them is their own Instagram page.

Daily Routine

Writing is my daily routine and I write at least five days a week. Since I am occupied on Saturdays and Sundays for church reasons, I decided to skip those days and dedicate my time for another work and continue to write daily from Mondays to Fridays.

Book Adventures

Most of you might not know but I love reading fantasy and adventure books. My favourite series so far is Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus, the last five book series by Rick Riordan. Now, I am into One Piece manga by Eiichiro Oda.

Love of Films

Like books, I love series films like Smallville, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Ben Ten, One Piece, etc. Their plots and twists make me think more about being creative in what I do. I wish I can be more spontaneous in making my blogs and stories.

My feelings at the moment

Most especially, my feelings at the moment mean a lot to me while writing an article or a novel story. I do not want to write something I will only get disappointed in (I am trying my best to). My blogs always depend on what mood I am in. For example, I need to write the continuation of my short-story series but I am not in the mood. I WILL NOT WRITE A DRAFT ABOUT IT unless I need to. The best thing I would do is to make a shift and just write how I feel.

Writing every day can make you feel exhausted. You must write and publish on the same day without further checking. But it can also exercise your mind to be straight forward and decide better on the spot.

Whatever your passion is, inspirations are everywhere. You just need to look at the right spot and with the right exposures. Feel free to seek experiences and mistakes. That is where you learn.

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