In This Together

This is an open love letter:

Dear love,

When I first met you, there was a strange pull that kept on dragging me towards you. You were my first crush that lasted for two long years without anyone noticing it. There were other boys cuter than you and younger than you that had caught my eyes but at the end of the day, it was you I think of. I don’t know when or where it started. The last thing I remember was that every time you weren’t there, I was disappointed.

The day you told me you like me made my heart jump. It was the best feeling I had for a very long time. And I knew from that moment, my feelings for you weren’t just illusions. Butterflies flew everywhere. My head was floating and my heart was suddenly set on fire. I had no choice but to admit how I felt towards you. Opportunities like that slip through our hands faster than we can grasp so I grabbed it quick.

Those were the times we did not care much about the outcomes. We did what we know is true for ourselves. How we handle our difficulties now is up to us. There will be times we will almost give up but we’re in this together. Love always wins.

Your love

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