In A Tough Spot

Why do I have to choose sides?

It is not easy to consider everyone’s opinion and pick a decision. The more I think about it, the more I have to tell myself that I have my own choices. I want to get out of a tough spot where I cannot even identify.

My sanity is at risk and I want to preserve it until I can think straight. I want to be angry with anyone and anything but it will only worsen what is happened. But I cannot let myself be angry at someone for so long. It is not in my blood to anger myself to sleep. And I do not want to have an issue with anyone, let alone someone I know.

I am sometimes short-tempered but I do not anger for a long time. It passes away faster that it comes. That is my weakness. I want to be okay with everyone. Sleeping with anger is not in my option. I’d better talk to the person or stay with them until I am okay.

Anyways, the situation that has happened will not be changed. It is the attitude you show that matters. And how you handle things your way. It doesn’t matter if you will get stuck having bad times but your reaction tells who you are.

Don’t let the situation change what you do or who you are. Change the situation based on what you know is better. You are better than hatred or anger. Be you.

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