Impenetrable Wall

You have them all…

Doubts. Questions. Desires. Priorities. Thoughts. Sins. Blocks. Hurt.

Everything is getting in the way. I can’t concentrate. There are so many things running through my head. I can’t keep up with everyone. No cooperation. No unity. I’m just there to see myself, find myself. I can’t. I just couldn’t take it.

The power of the song can’t make me lift up my hands. The feel of worship is not present. From the very start, I couldn’t enter. Something is blocking me, a tall impenetrable wall. I can’t see or hear anything. Not even a vision. I’m ruined inside. I’m ruined outside.

Shouting inside, I doubt everything that has happened. What did I do wrong? What am I missing? The questions run through every script written on my mind. I want to do something for myself. The desires I’m having is nothing but for my own. Priorities… Everyone has it. But for me? I feel useless. Everything in my head is nothing but thoughts of distress. Every possible sin I’ve made is picking up on me. It blocks every link I could have made if ever I kneel down and pray. It hurts. My stomach aches with every negative thing I put into words. Actually, it’s unpredictable. Unexplainable. But guess what?

Passion,the so-called “thick wall”. It blocks everything. You do things you’re not happy about. Even so, it’s not going into place. If you’re not committed, it’s not worth it. You’re wasting your time and you’re occupying places for others to grow. You’re not helping yourself to even become who you really are.

Fix it. Give all your burdens to Jesus. Know that all things work together for good. It’s worth the try, worth the effort. Ask everything to Him. He will give answers immediately. Love yourself. Appreciate what you have. Accept what you don’t.

Keep believing in yourself. You’ll find what you’re looking for, how to break that wall. Then you’ll see the beauty of Passion inside you.

Let me hear your thoughts!