If All Else Fails

If all else fails, have the faith that something good will happen in the end.
That is the circle of life.

This evening, my sister and I went to the bus station together. We were waiting for a line 45 bus. In the application, the bus will arrive at 20:37 and on the clock was still 15 minutes early. No incoming motorists after the appointed time of arrival passed. The next arrival would have been at 20:55 but it didn’t pass as well. Another 10 minutes was needed by my boyfriend.

We were desperate and determined to go home because it was getting late. So we decided to go to another station to get another bus line. There were two out of service cars but the third one passes on the other side. But that is okay, it is closer to our house that the other ones available.

He was already in deposit when he decided to take us with him and let us get out of the bus on our stop. One time, in a stoplight, someone was knocking the door of the transportation. She asked the driver if they could enter.

The bus driver was continuously saying, “è fuori servizio, è fuori servizio, è fuori servizio, è fuori servizio, è fuori servizio…” (which means out of order)

Then the lady told him that he should at least put an “Out of order” sign. But the driver insisted and after the green land.

If all else fails, be patient and have faith. Things will be alright in the end.

And speaking of “If All Else Fails,” I have my own sets of failure photos from this day’s featured image:

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