I Will Never Forget

There was a small familiar bark I heard through my headphones. A voice I will never forget. The one who turned my whole life to who I am now. My first dog.

Her name is Gaia. The story begins six years ago when I thought different about animals. I have had a few animals around the house when I was young.

The first dog that we had was a dalmatian.

We have had it since I was little. I didn’t like it that much and I do not remember his face. Or was it a HE dog? I do not know. One day, it disappeared. I asked what happened to him and they told me he forgot how to breathe. (Believe me. I was afraid to forget how to breathe and I would always think about breathing ALWAYS. I hated that thought.)

The second kind of animal we had, as I recall, were two big white rabbits.

I was afraid to give them food. They lived in a big box full of dried grass. Then after a while, they were gone. I asked once again where they went and my family told me they died. I was devastated and I didn’t know what to say. But after a while, I didn’t miss them. I forgot and the time passed by.

The third one was a cute golden puppy my mom bought for us.

She was a beautiful yellow labrador bred dog. I was afraid to even touch her. Because we did not get close to her, she lived outside the house her whole life. Now that I remember it, I feel so emotional because I didn’t have the chance to even know her.
A few years later, she became so big and aggressive. When we went to where she was sleeping, she always wanted to climb at us. But because we were afraid, we did not come near her.
Then a day came when the weather was so bad. Because it was dangerous outside, my grandfather let the dog inside the house and we went to sleep. In the morning, we found out that she got out of the house that night and he was hit by a bus. I was worried and saddened. Even though I did not have a sweet memory of her, she was still a sweet dog.

But I was still afraid of animals.

Until Gaia, my first dog, came…

She opened my eyes to animals. No, she softened my heart for them. I once was afraid and reluctant to be near one but she changed it all. After a while of insisting to climb at me, she finally caught my attention. I was in love with her. Every day, I let all my time and effort be spent for her. She was a lively one. I know she understood me very well.

Then the sad part came. A few years later, she was held for adoption. I didn’t want to. SHE WAS MINE. But I was the only one who wanted her to stay so I had no choice but to say goodbye. It was the hardest parting goodbye I have ever made. And I promised to myself that it will be the last time I will ever let anybody put away what I want.

After a few months of silence and an animal-free house, a kitten came knocking on the door. He was my stripped puma cat. (not a real puma but he acts like one). But he passed away too soon. Then my Manaw came. He is the brother of my first cat. I cried too much for Manaw and thanked his late brother’s soul for a wonderful gift he gave me. And I promised him that I will take good care of his brother.

When my Manaw was little, he was a shy little punk who did not want to go out of his hiding place for THE WHOLE NIGHT. That was when I get to know him more and talk to him as if he really is my son. Then after a year of my cat’s life, another baby came from the same mother cat. She is now the younger sister of my Manaw. They are so close. But they were almost up for another adoption because of the same reasons.


Before someone made a move that I would never have stopped, I did what my instinct wanted me to do. I transferred both of them to my boyfriend’s house. Now they are happy and free to go wherever they want. And I get to visit them every single day.

I will not forget about POMPOMS, too. He is also my dog now. Though he is not mine, I consider him as my child. And he is the big brother of both my Manaw and Muning.

But I would never ever be able to love animals if it weren’t for sweet little baby Gaia.
PS. I saw her today. She’s doing fine.

Here is a video of us together after a long long time:

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