I Saw Him Again

Have you encountered a rare occasion of remeeting someone in the past and proved that person do exist? Well, it happened to me today.

After a long day of walking, I get to relax my feet and cheer up a little. The day was bright and sunny. Spring has begun and so has the heat.

Tonight was quite sweaty.

My boyfriend and I were on our way to the bus stop when I saw him again, the man with the singing trolley. I asked my boyfriend if he still remembers the man I was talking about in my blog in December 2018.

(see “It’s not Christmassy”)

“Later this night, I went back to the stop and found an old aged man with a trolly bag. He looked normal. I didn’t feel threatened. I just heard loud music from somewhere near the bus stop. A Christmas Song with trumpets and violins and familiar hymns. It was like an orchestra of some kind. I walked passed him and noticed that his trolly bag has a speaker on maximum volume. Then, I smiled and stood two meters beside him.” I wrote.

That time, I wouldn’t know if he still remembers me but when he saw me, he was happy and he even pointed two fingers at me as if he acknowledges my presence. My sister arrived at the bus stop and the story begins.

photo by Jesper Reyes

He was just a man who does what he knows suits him well and that’s music is trying to tell us. Then, someone asked him to stop the music and he fought back. No one messes with that man, that’s for sure.

When my sister and I rode the bus home, someone in the authority asked the man to remove the music. He insisted but it was only for a joke. He still complains. In the end, he stopped the speaker and go on with her life.

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I hope you like it. More to come tomorrow.

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