I Planned to be a Planner

Yes, that’s right. I was planning to be a planner. Fate does not agree with me. I’m terrible at it. But, I guess, losing is gaining.

As a child, I draw. I loved to draw. A part of me wanted to be an Architect. Stick houses and mountains with the sun setting in the middle. Beach waves and mountains with the moon glimmering above. Those were the days I thought I wanted to create a house and plan everything in it. I’ve always have been in the wordsmith’s side.

I did sketch face parts like eyes, mouth, hair, and even teeth. There was something in me that admires the eyes. I would draw them anywhere: notebooks, test papers, my hands, etc. If they were real, they would probably keep staring at me without blinking.

Drawing is still a big part of me. I still sketch here and there. There were times I was impressed with my creation but then other times I would rather write. That was a stepping stone I am supposed to step into to reach my goals.

What are your unachieved plans and what better options did you choose? Comment down below!

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