I Need Sleep

Does my body need proper rest? Or do I have to eat that much and allow my body to burn the fats while I am awake at night and procrastinate writing until I have to sleep?

My problem is not insomnia. It is not also a sign of having a sleeping disorder. I want to do things at the same time that I don’t give priority to more important things. The only rest time I have is at night because, in the morning, I have to visit my babies at my boyfriend’s house and then go to work after lunch. But when I get home, I do not want to fall asleep because I have so much to do and with so little time.

Writing is one of them. BUT sometimes, it is not my priority. I want to play games and relax my head for a while from working. Passing the time on my phone just to rest my body yet the most used part of me during the day is my brain. I have to learn how to manage my time and test my patience and self-control. Even perseverance is at stake during my daily job. But even so, I am glad to do my work. It is a good sign to have a good day job.

Still, I need a good night sleep.

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