I Like Unusual Things

Follow the rules. Be attentive about the details. Try to keep on track. These are some of the most expected things for people especially anyone who is in line to art. But little do they know, complicated things are far more interesting than boring line photo.

I have a rare addiction to unusual things and being the odd one out. For example, everybody wants straight teeth. I wish I had crooked one. Girls here in Italy dress like they’re from Paris. I look nearly the same as I was back home in the Philippines with plain shirts, pants and sneakers. I was always the odd one out in the group. Whenever we eat outside, they all want the same thing and I always want the other one. Sometimes, my family knows me too well they won’t ask me what I want anymore.

When I take photos, I don’t look for perfect alignments but I crave for misfits. They are my highlights. I am aware of my surroundings and how things can be adopted easily. Being able to adapt in a situation I’m not supposed to like can be a bit challenging but that’s the thrill about it.

When I write, I don’t use one or two methods. I do follow some rules but breaking it is my favourite part. I use “I” instead of a third person which is more acceptable in writing essays. Perfect outcomes do not always mean they are readable and people’s choice worthy. As long as you are happy about your work, it’s flawless.

Another guilty pleasure I guess most people hate is watching ingrown removal from YouTube. It may seem cringy but I always find it satisfying. The other was the blackhead removal. It’s either pulling it off using a charcoal solution or pinching it with a pinching tool or pulling it up using a tweezer. I also enjoy watching dandruff pulled out of the head with a comb.

But then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are always objects that catch our eyes. Mine happens to be the weird and strange stuff.

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