I Hate It When…

I hate it when you tell me to hold your hands because I don’t know the place even if I’ve been there almost every time. How I laugh as if I haven’t heard it already. The way our hands fit together when the red light turns green, ready to protect me from any danger.

I hate it when you run and yell when the bus is almost parting and we’re still halfway. You still tell me it’s for stamina. Our breath is almost gone from sighing and you’re eyes still search mine despite the crowd.

I hate it when you twitch your nose. You scrunch them like there’s no one watching you. There are things only you know how. You make me comfortable with myself even with the slightest way possible.

I hate it when your eyes meet mine. The way they shine when you see me smile. My core beats faster than before. You enter my soul like you already know me from the start. I hope I make you hate me the same way.

Because I hate it when you’re making me fall in love with you all over again.

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