I Feel Sorry For

Sometimes, it’s easier to make a story you can live on than to accept what is the reality. You are bound to your own emotions and opinions, ignoring what’s on the bigger picture. As if it’s you against the world, yet you force others to join on your self-made box. You protest about your feelings without blinking. This sensitivity does not affect you but the people around you. I feel sorry for them. Hoping life will let you understand.

Yet, do not let others define you. What you are must remain intact and on fleek. People around you tend to vary. It’s normal. How you react is what makes you different. There are compromises that must be done but the best you can do is accept the fact that everybody’s different. I feel sorry for them. Don’t let hatred in because love always wins.

In an argument, there’s no such thing as one-sided. Everybody has their own point of view. There will always be break-even points on the way. It is normal to get caught in a crossfire.

I just want to clear things up. Every paragraph represents a group of people. The first one felt like drowning reality is easier than living with it. The second is trying to accept that people are not the same as them. Last on the list is a group where they’re in the middle.

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